The EBU Media Cybersecurity group (MCS) has released a new version of cybersecurity Recommendation R 143 that now includes three priority levels for requirements recommended by security experts at EBU Member organizations.

In the updated version, the requirements for media systems are now marked as either ‘critical provisions’, ‘important recommendations’, or ‘best practice’.

EBU R 143 ‘Cybersecurity for media vendor systems, software & services’ provides guidance on cybersecurity safeguards that media organizations and media vendors should apply when planning and designing their products and services. It is composed of a comprehensive and detailed list of vendor and product security requirements.   

EBU recommends that Media organizations require potential media vendors to declare their ability to comply with R 143 when responding to tenders or requests for technology. For this purpose, a Security Controls Assertion spreadsheet is provided as an Annex to the recommendation (listed below the main publication).

Note that Media organizations can adapt the priority levels based on the risk associated with the adoption of a given Media System in their environment. Media companies can then define their own minimal vendor system acceptance level with full awareness of the potential risks.

Visit the EBU Media Cybsecurity page to follow the work and join the group.


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