The Artificial Intelligence and Data Initiative (AIDI) will put the spotlight on the BBC and their work on AI and data, both in R&D and production, at the next of a series of virtual visits organized by the initiative.
The virtual event, which takes place on 27 September at 16:00 CEST, is the second instalment of the series and is a chance for participants get to know the BBC’s team and identify possible areas of collaboration or contribution.
The EBU AI and Data Initiative is a cross-disciplinary exploration of AI and data in PSM and covers technologies, regulatory aspects, organizational matters, skills, strategy, and content creation. The AIDI Group defines the Initiative’s strategy and priorities and meets online once a month to discuss on-going work, common issues, and future opportunities.
Please contact Lalya Gaye for more information about how to attend this event if you are not an AIDI member.
To find out more about AIDI’s various activities on AI and Data for PSM, simply join the AIDI group.

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