Taking its cue from April's inaugural EBU Sustainability Summit, held on Earth Day 2021, the latest issue of tech-i magazine features a report from ARTE on innovative techniques for measuring the carbon footprint of digital systems (pages 10–11). You can also find an overview of some key presentations from the Summit itself, where one key takeaway was the need for an honest assessment of the facts (page 12).

Elsewhere in the magazine, the Director of Operations, Technology and Transformation at Ireland's RTÉ is the guest contributor for the 'In my opinion' section (page 16). Richard Waghorn believes public service media organizations need to disrupt themselves constantly in order to be better prepared to handle inevitable waves of change. He describes the "smart follower" strategy that RTÉ has adopted:

"When I first arrived at RTÉ, I said to the technology teams that we needed to be smart followers. We didn’t need to be the early bird that catches the worm – that risks wasting the limited money and resources that we have. Instead, we needed to be the second mouse that gets the cheese – the wily follower often secures the sustained competitive advantage."

Inside issue 48

Other topics on the agenda for this issue of tech-i include fake-news detection, production workflows for Next Generation Audio, future distribution strategies, both on broadband and over broadcast, and much more.


Download issue 48 of tech-i (PDF).

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