The recent World Biathlon Championships feature on the cover of the new issue of tech-i magazine marking the recent technology test organized at the event by the EBU Hybrid and Cloud Production Group. You can catch up on that and the group's other activities in the magazine, now available for download, along with other developments in cloud-based production at Finland's Yle and Spain's RTVE.

You can also read about the recently launched Eurovision News Monitoring tool (page 10), powered by the EBU PEACH and EuroVOX tools, and how T&I Director Antonio Arcidiacono (page 3) believes the project demonstrates the potential for the EBU to lead a renaissance of media innovation in Europe:

"The EBU remains today the largest structure coordinating European media R&D&I activities. It is the natural candidate to lead the development of open technology solutions that benefit EBU Members along with the entire industry and society at large."

France Télévisions CTO/CIO Frédéric Brochard (page 16) also sees a critical role for the EBU as public broadcasters look to a future freed from the constraints of infrastructure and boosted by AI:

“It seems essential to me to focus energies on the most interesting activities and with the highest added value for as many Members as possible.”

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