Presented annually since 2016, the EBU Technology & Innovation Awards recognize the people and organizations behind groundbreaking technology solutions for and from public service media (PSM). The deadline for nominations is Friday 29 April.

The EBU Technology & Innovation Award acknowledges individuals or groups who have developed technologies, systems, or services with the potential to have a major impact on broadcast media in the coming years. To qualify, the work needs to have been completed or have reached a major milestone in the two years prior to the nomination. In 2021, Swedish Radio was selected by the jury for its News Values project which used a novel approach to feeding the algorithm used to generate its news playlists and ensuring that SR listeners hear the most important news of the day while also finding items that surprise them and broaden their knowledge and perspectives.

The Young Technology Talent of the Year Award focuses on the technology talent pipeline either at student undergraduate level or at the start of a graduate career and below management level. Individuals shuold have demonstrated excellence, novelty and relevance in work done during their studies or at the start of their careers and evidences by demos, prototypes, POCs, trials or similar.

Submit nominations

For the EBU Technology & Innovation Award, nominations can be submitted by EBU Members, Associates and Approved Participants, including those active in the EBU T&I working groups and staff in the T&I Department. Nominees for the Young Technology Talent of the Year Award is also extendted to heads of research of university's that have linked to a Member, Associate or EBU Technology & Innovation. The nomination forms are available from the T&I website, where you can also find more detailed information on the rules and criteria nominations. Forms must be submitted by the end of the day onFriday 29 April.

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