The EBU Audio Systems group invites audio professionals to join and shape the audio experiences of the future.

As time goes by, media professionals continue to invent or learn about new audio formats to create more personalized, interactive and immersive audience experiences that make the most of a user’s existing listening environment. The EBU, its members and its working groups have been instrumental in the development of standards the industry has come to rely on, of ideas that have sparking innovative content, and of technologies that underpin modern media services now being rolled out to audiences.
The EBU Audio Systems (AS) group provides the platform for engineers and content creators to shape and learn about these technologies and skills. It brings together professionals and all the expertise in audio production to exploit new audio formats and content creation ideas for Radio, Television, Streaming, on demand, Podcasts, News, and a wealth of possible future use-cases.

It's an exciting collaboration. The AS group is the place to come for those passionate about sound, no matter what the background or specialism. It’s where groups can work together on intelligibility and accessibility though personalization, on creating an immersive, realistic and impressive listening experience, on addressing loudness issues across platforms and devices, and more – it's also up to you!
All are welcome to take part and make a difference. Simply visit the Audio Systems group page and join in.


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