Netflix Director of Media Management and Studio Product Innovation Naz Pethani will be giving one of the keynote presentations to the EBU Production Technology Seminar (28-30 January) next year.

Naz, who previously led the US-based Deluxe Entertainment Services group's Product and Innovation Strategy, joined Netflix in 2019, bringing more than a decade of experience in operations and innovation management to the streaming giant.

Staying ahead of users' expectations

At PTS 2020, Naz will explain how Netflix manages media technology innovations to shape its digital media supply chains and user experience. 

“Inter-connectivity of data and systems will play a big role in the media supply chain of the future”, Naz says. “As the pace of innovation increases in our industry, being open to the inter-connections and embracing innovation from different pockets is the path to success."

But recognizing technology trends that will have a lasting impact on audience expectations requires careful analysis of the underlying drivers of adoption, Naz argues.
“To truly understand how to build and drive adoption of the innovations of the future, we must look to the past and understand why certain formats and approaches in our industry did not take off, or why they took a long time to be widely adopted”, Naz says. “The human aspect of adoption is often missed in trying to solve the complexities of the problem.”

NRK, MovieLabs and VRT add to a stellar line-up of PTS keynotes

Naz is joined by NRK Director of Technology Heidrun Reisæter (Norway), MovieLabs CTO Jim Helman (USA), and VRT Foreign Correspondent and Stanford Research Fellow Tom Van de Weghe (Belgium) as keynote speakers at PTS 2020.

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