IBC 2019 will be last of this decade, and it's likely to be one of the most grounded shows of recent years – less about the next shiny thing, and more about enabling technologies that are ready for deployment. One notable exception will be 5G.

Much of the line-up on the EBU stand this year is about key technologies that have matured to the point where they are becoming indispensable for media organizations seeking to position themselves for the future. There is more clarity than in recent years, but still plenty of implementation challenges ahead for broadcasters.

The EBU stand is our Members' home at IBC, a forum for networking, and a reference point for key media technologies. The EBU stand is also hosting the Eurovision Services presence at IBC.

Topics on the EBU stand (10.F20)

  • UHD-HDR-NGA: the latest EBU Tech 3372 spec, a logo by certification experts Eurofins that will be tied to this spec, colour bars for HDR, detailed best practices, and several other key elements for a transition to UHD
  • Implementing Live IP production infrastructures: the Live IP Software Toolkit (LIST), a cost-effective diagnostics tool that gives essential capabilities to implementers, built on real-world experience gathered by adopters of ST-2110-based IP
  • 5G: trials of 5G broadcast technologies by RAI and IRT
  • Personalization: the growing community-driven toolkit of the Peach suite for cross-platform recommendations and personalization
  • Eurovox: we're showing El Traductor, a tool for news producers to transcribe, edit, translate and re-voice language content that spearheads a larger initiative for language technologies
  • HbbTV: delivering multi-lingual content with a synchronized second screen application
  • Next Generation Audio: an integration of the EBU ADM Renderer in the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation, demonstrating a vendor-independent workflow
  • Low-latency DASH over multi-CDN: the Eurovision Flow service for robust and cost-effective OTT content distribution
  • AI-enabled cloud services with reduced vendor lock-in: the Media Cloud and Microservices middle-ware, open-source code that has vendor-specific expertise built in and gets you started quickly

A range of talks and events on the EBU stand

  • Friday 13 September, 14:00: 5G-MAG launch (registration required). The 5G Media Action Group aims to shape 5G into a technology that is better equipped for Media applications.
  • Friday 13 September, 16:00: UHD-HDR and NGA Best Practices – an overview. The “broadcaster spec” Tech 3372. Charting a clear path to UHD, and marking some of the reference points you’ll need for orientation.
  • Saturday 14 September, 14:00: 5G in Production and Media Distribution. Expert talks, and a summary of the 5G Media Action Group goals.
  • Saturday 14 September, 16:00: Open Source Meetup. An institution on the EBU stand.
  • Sunday 15 September, 14:00: MediaRoad Meetup. Summarizing the initiative’s outcomes, and presenting key start-up projects of the associated Sandbox initiative.
  • Sunday 15 September, 16:00: EBU AI and Data Initiative talk. What PSM want out of, and are doing with, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Monday 16 September, 14:00: Building the bridge to IP Production. First-hand insights from BBC and CBC/RadioCanada on ST-2110-based deployments, as well as an update on the JT-NM tested initiative and the Media Technology Pyramid
  • Monday 16 September, 16:00: Media Cybersecurity – Responsible Disclosure Policies. Working with vendors to close security gaps.
  • Monday 16 September, 17:00: EBU Drinks.

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