A new feature of the IP Showcase at the 2019 NAB Show will be the JT-NM Tested programme, a programme designed to offer prospective purchasers of IP-based equipment greater and more documented insight into how vendor equipment aligns to the SMPTE ST 2110 and SMPTE ST 2059 standards. Testing of vendor supplied equipment for the JT-NM-sponsored program was administered by the EBU and IRT in March. 

Vendors who both attended the testing event at the Fox Networks facility in Woodlands, Texas, and agreed to make their test results public, have earned the right to display a JT-NM Tested badge with their product(s) at the 2019 NAB Show, and will be listed in the JT-NM Tested catalog, available at the IP Showcase booth and online. In addition to detailed test results, the catalog describes all test criteria and methodology as well as hardware and software version of all products, offering complete transparency of the entire evaluation process. 

“As the industry continues to move to IP-based operations, users need to have confidence that equipment from various vendors actually conforms to the standards adapted by the industry, and the JT-NM took the initiative to begin to address some of these requests from users,” said Brad Gilmer, executive director of the IP Showcase. "At NAB 2019 with our inaugural JT-NM Tested event, we made an important first step.  While not a certification program, the JT-NM Tested catalog documents a valuable snapshot in time of how vendor equipment aligns to key parts of SMPTE standards, providing prospective purchasers and users with a reference as they begin their equipment evaluation and qualification process.” 

Thirty-five companies with 71 products participated in the first ever JT-NM Tested program. The catalog of results will be released the first day of the 2019 NAB Show. 

The JT-NM continues to partner with vendors, users, and key partners such as AIMS to provide information that aids the transition to IP. Along with the JT-NM Tested program, the IP Showcase is also introducing the JT-NM Tech Stack series of protocols thatsimplify and streamline installation of IP systems.


About the IP Showcase

The IP Showcase is sponsored by major technical and standards organizations within the broadcast industry — Audio Engineering Society (AES), Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers®(SMPTE®), and Video Services Forum (VSF). It will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth C12634. More information about the IP Showcase at the 2019 NAB Show is available at www.ipshowcase.org.

About JT-NM

The JT-NM Coordination Group serves as a self-coordinating group of industry bodies working together on the development of IP technologies for professional media. It is administered by AMWA, EBU, SMPTE and VSF. More information about JT-NM is available at jt-nm.org.

About the IP Showcase sponsoring organizations  

Audio Engineering Society (AES): www.aes.org

Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS): www.aimsalliance.org

Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA): www.amwa.tv

European Broadcasting Union (EBU): www.ebu.ch

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers®(SMPTE®): www.smpte.org

Video Services Forum (VSF): www.videoservicesforum.org

More information about standards and open specifications is available at

AIMS: https://www.aimsalliance.org/white-papers/

AES67: http://www.aes.org/standards/blog/2018/4/aes67-2018-published

AMWA: https://www.amwa.tv/specifications.shtml

EBU: https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/tech/tech3371.pdf

SMPTE ST 2110: www.smpte.org/st_2110

VSF Technical Recommendations: http://videoservicesforum.org/technical_recommendations.shtml   


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