Next Generation Audio is smarter audio adapted to the modern multi-platform world.

The EBU will be hosting a special NGA Workshop (27 November, EBU HQ Geneva) to help strategists, workflow architects and audio engineers understand the concept behind the technology, the benefits it delivers, and the eco-systems that have emerged for it. The event assembles notable experts from European public service media organizations and global technology vendors, as well as a range of demonstrations. It is for EBU Members only and free.

The workshop focuses on use-cases and includes the following:

  • A close look at real-world NGA productions
  • Benefits of NGA for content creators and end-users
  • Possible NGA workflows and how they can be implemented
  • The NGA market
  • The ADM (Audio Definition Model) as a technology-agnostic metadata standard

Smarter audio for content creators

Next Generation Audio is an umbrella term for a family of technologies (including Object-based Audio, OBA) that allow content creators and broadcasters to deliver better services and experiences in a single multi-purpose envelope, without the need to produce dedicated versions for various playout channels. Receiving devices can perfectly adapt the same NGA content stream to anything, from mono speakers, to binaural sound on headphones, soundbars, 5.1, 7.1 or X.1 home theatre systems, and more.

Better user experiences

Immersive sound, access services such as user-controllable commentary levels, multi-lingual tracks and more can be embedded in NGA programmes together. The technology also enables innovative personalizable experiences such as “flex-time” or abridgeable content.

Its versatility extends to the consumption side: NGA-enabled devices and apps can play back NGA content in a way that is optimized for the listening environment and, if necessary, adapt it for audience members with special requirements, such as the hearing-impaired. Immersive content delivered via NGA will make use of any given speaker configuration, including a new generation of soundbars for the home. Participants at the NGA workshop 2018 will be able to experience demonstrations of this first-hand.


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