Next Generation Audio Workshop

27 Nov 2018
EBU, Geneva

This event is only available to EBU Members.

Next Generation Audio (NGA), and subtypes such as object-based audio (OBA), offer elegant solutions to a number of problems faced by media organizations. NGA programme material is multi-purpose and adaptable, freeing broadcasters from the need to produce several versions of a programme, and allowing receiving devices to render a suitable output for any given playback system and environment. NGA enables access services, such as for the hearing-impaired, abridgeable or 'flex-time' audio content, immersive audio, and more. It can also help to significantly reduce data-rates.

This event addresses CTOs, strategists, system architects and sound engineers. It assembles information on the advantages of Next Generation Audio for workflows, better media experiences, and playout on multiple platforms and devices.

On the agenda

  • NGA workflows: what is possible and how to make it happen
  • NGA in the real-world: the goods, and what it took to deliver them
  • NGA ecosystems: a market overview
  • Experiencing NGA: Demonstrations of recent productions
  • The future of NGA: a round table discussion

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