Tracking news stories as they unfold and staying on top of hours of incoming footage is one of the main challenges faced by newsrooms when covering major events.

To make this easier for journalists, Eurovision Media Services have launched a beta version of their Special Events Content Discovery Platform for the 2018 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. The platform is a result of a collaborative effort between the Eurovision Media Services Special Events team, the EBU PEACH co-development team and EBU Member, Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).

Journalists testing the Eurovision Special Events Content Discovery Platform ( can explore and search ready-to-use video clips taken from event, share content directly on social media and, download broadcast quality versions, when necessary.

Built with Members

The platform's web interface, built by BR, gives access to a large cloud-based repository that is continuously fed with curated video clips, edited from the seven live signals provided by the event Host Broadcaster. The clips are tagged and enriched with relevant metadata to make them easily searchable by users.

The EBU PEACH recommendation engine running on the platform helps users to find and follow topics of interest by highlighting relevant content based on themes, people or trending topics.

The aim of this release is to simplify, automate and accelerate the exchange of news content and to gather feedback on the effectiveness of the platform. The initial response from journalists has been overwhelmingly positive.

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