For the third year in a row, the EBU is providing a stage for experts on InnerSourcing to share their experience. It started in 2015, when Paypal's Cornelius Suermann explained during DevCon how taking the ethos and techniques of open source communities into (closed) companies pays off. Last year Bosch's Robert Hansel revealed how five "cultural values" – Openness, Transparency, Volunteerism, Self-Determination and Meritocracy – help the huge German company to succeed. Based on these positive experiences, the EBU decided to host the European InnerSource Commons Summit organized by InnerSource Commons.

Jim Jagielski

The three-day event is low-threshold to attend, but will offer some very high quality speakers. One of them will be Jim Jagielski who will introduce InnerSource and why it works. Jagielski is a well-known Open Source veteran and one of the eight founders of the Apache Foundation. He also is the Senior Director for Capital One. In 2015 Jagielski won the European Commission's Innovation Luminary award for Creating Open Engagement Platforms. According to the Open Source expert, InnerSourcing not only reduces costs and brings products to market faster, it also can increase developer engagement and innovation. It may help companies to better attract and retain talent, too.

Practical approach

That doesn't mean Jagielski is religous about using the Open approach for all projects. There can sometimes be good reasons not to use it. What these are, and how to enable the merits of InnerSource for the other work in your company, you can find out at the Summit, which will offer a mix of presentations, discussions and break-out sessions to learn all about the practicalities of InnerSourcing. Register here.

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