At IBC2016 in Amsterdam, the EBU presented the first live demonstration of a full  UHDTV experience combining high resolution, High Frame Rate (HFR) and high Dynamic Range (HDR). The EBU showed different combinations of these three parameters transmitted over  DVB-T2 and broadband (DASH) to provide visitors with a real impression of their added value.  

The EBU has been an early advocate of the UHDTV experience definition “better pixels not only more pixels”. The immersive experience promised by UHDTV cannot rely only on an increase of spatial resolution. Parameters such as HDR and HFR are key in defining the experience. 

The demonstration is the outcome of a successful partnership between LG (the world's first UHD HFR and HDR display), BBC R&D and EBU.  For further details read the full description of the demo here.

Today, an important element of discussion for broadcasters is the possible choices for moving beyond HDTV. The quality of experience delivered is a key factor but other aspects such as the end-to-end workflow maturity, master format for content exchange, etc. have to be considered. For this reason the EBU, along with the demonstration, also presented a paper that summarizes the “must know” information on this topic. The time is now for UHDTV! 

Download the paper here


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