This newly published report analyses the number of TV programmes that can be accommodated in a DVB T2 multiplex when using HEVC video coding. Several DTT scenarios are investigated for HDTV as well as for UHDTV formats.
A DVB T2 multiplex in conjunction with HEVC video coding is capable of providing a satisfactory number of HD programmes for all of the scenarios investigated in this report, amounting to 4-11 HD programmes for fixed roof-top reception and 3-7 HD programmes for portable reception (which may include reception on tablets or smart phones, given that DVB T2 capability were to be included in them) depending on the intended coverage and network scenario. Previous DVB T/MPEG 2 or AVC, or DVB T2/AVC implementations cannot match this.
The situation for UHDTV needs further elucidation as delivery standards are still being formulated. For the time being, for UHD 1 Phase 1 and for the simplest UHD 1 broadcast profile, the number of programmes per multiplex can be estimated within the ranges indicated.
With optimistic estimation, fixed reception scenarios may provide a multiplex capacity of 2-4 UHD 1 programmes. A more conservative estimate might reduce this to 1 programme per multiplex.
For portable reception and even with optimistic assumptions, only 1-3 programmes per multiplex may be accommodated.
It is known that UHD 1 Phase 2 contains two profiles, but they are far from being standardized and the pertinent bit rates and therefore the number of programmes that may be accommodated in a DVB T2 multiplex cannot realistically be estimated at present. It is intended to update this technical report as more information becomes available.
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