In-house software developer teams are becoming essential to many of our Members' organizations, but they often work in isolation, duplicating work already being performed elsewhere. 
The EBU Strategic Programme on Agile Software Collaboration (ASC) aims to help these teams to become more productive by sharing best practices in software development, such as agile management, source control, continuous integration, and automation, and by simplifying the collaboration between Members.
Under the umbrella of the ASC Strategic Programme, EBU Technology & Innovation collaborated with EBU Legal to agree on a framework for sharing code between Members and organizations in the public service media arena. 
Using the new EBU Code Exchange Platform, Members can share and collaborate on code and documentation. They can manage git repositories with fine grained access controls to keep their code secure, perform code reviews and enhance collaboration with merge requests. Each project can also have an issue tracker and a wiki.
To access the EBU Code Exchange Platform, visit: During Phase 1 of the development, any EBU Member can create one product and try out the system.

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