The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), operating the Eurovision network, covers a wide range of sport events with and on behalf of its Members and in close collaboration with sport federations (i.e. athletics, basketball, biathlon, cycling, skating, golf, swimming, gymnastics, motor sports, rugby, skiing, soccer, tennis, etc.). 
There is no doubt by the number of avid watchers, that sport content has one of the highest business value propositions.  In particular, sport metadata is extremely valuable to broadcasters. 
The Technical Paper "Is semantic web part of the broadcasting future?" was presented by the EBU at IBC in 2009. Since then, many key industry partners have been working to improve these technologies. Audio-visual production will now undoubtedly use it. 
The use of semantic technologies now allows combining information in a flexible and scalable manner using audio-visual and sport ontologies, namely EBUCore and EBUSport. These solutions allow you navigating through your data and content seamlessly like surfing on the web. All information is linked and querying data is a richer experience. 
For example, you can start from a video and look for participants and results or start from a record and access the video. You can search across events, disciplines, and locations. What if your model evolves or you need to cover more sports or enrich annotation and content metadata? What if you need custom extensions and the ability to combine one type of data with data from other sources or production silos? 
Using “semantic context” now solves these issues for broadcasters. To find out more, visit our demonstration on FIMS/Semantic data at the EBU Stand 10.F20 at IBC. 

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