It is now almost standard practice for modern radio receiving devices including cars and smartphones to have a colour screen and integrate digital, hybrid or web radio. With these added features, it is possible to transmit pictures alongside the audio. 
To take advantage of this opportunity, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Eurovision have added visualisation to the live sports events they cover. The content provided consists of an international signal with live sport results, photos from the events and quotes that broadcasters can use on their radio or web platforms. 
Many broadcasters distribute the signal either on DAB/DAB+1, RadioDNS2 or have embedded the slideshow in their websites. 

Interested in learning more?

Join us at the IBC Paper Session, “Broadcasting to Mobile Devices: A Glimpse into the Future” on Saturday, Sep 12 from 08:30 – 10:00 in the Emerald Room.  This session will look at the technical details and opportunities offered by new and future mobile telecoms platforms and also some of the other latest initiatives and ideas in this arena. 
Mathias Coinchon, Senior Project Manager at EBU, will present a paper describing how the EBU project for sports was put in place, its workflow and how content is distributed and used.  
Other topics to be presented include:
  • Andrew Murphy “4G Broadcast: Can LTE eMBMS help address the demand for mobile video?” Lead Research Engineer, BBC Research & Development
  • Graham Mills “Addressing future growth in broadcast TV and video consumption on mobile devices” Chairman, Commercial Module, DVB
  • Jim Jachetta “Achieve 10Gbps Wireless Data Rates for 4K Video with Unlicensed 60GHz Spectrum”

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