Spectrum is a precious and scarce resource. Hence the reason sharing it amongst various services is currently such a hot topic.  
In this context, EBU Technology & Innovation recently published a Technology Fact Sheet to shed light on the possibility of sharing spectrum for DTT and LTE in the UHF spectrum. 
Mobile vendors predict an unstoppable rise in mobile data consumption, and have already obtained mobile allocations in the 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands. Administrations are now being asked to consider a further allocation in the remaining part of the UHF band, below 694 MHz, which is used in most countries for DTT. Some Mobile proponents claim that they can share the band with broadcasting. However, technical studies carried out in ITU-R - and confirmed by recent real cases - do not support this claim.
The mobile system considered in these studies is the Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile system (part of the IMT family). The fact sheet summarizes the results of the studies carried out in ITU groups and published in ITU Reports. These studies deal with the case where two neighbouring countries wish to use the same frequencies on either side of the border for different services.
To find out more, download your copy of the Technology Fact Sheet here.

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