EBUCorePlus is an ontology for media enterprises, developed as an open-source project. It follows up on two long-standing EBU ontologies: EBUCore and CCDM (Class Conceptual Data Model). The two were merged and thoroughly revisioned. The result is EBUCorePlus, the new standard that can fully replace its predecessors. It inherits both the long-lasting reliability of EBUCore and the end-to-end coverage of the media value chain of CCDM. 

EBUCorePlus is strictly semantic. It avoids ambiguities that were introduced when using EBUCore and CCDM classes in one graph. It has its own, new namespace therefore it is not backwards compatible, but can be mapped to its predecessors. It provides complete documentation of all entities in English, French and German (English being normative).           


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Overview of the EBUCorePlus



One major problem of EBUCore and CCDM was the use of ranges: semantically similar object properties needed to be defined in parallel for each class that the property referred to. Another case was the use of multi-range properties, leading to insufficient type safety. EBUCorePlus now uses class restrictions instead, leading to less and more coherent properties. 

EBUCorePlus aims to serve as a plug-and-play framework. It can be used out of the box, either in its entirety or just a subset of its elements. But it may also be adapted and extended to enterprise-specific needs. It is not required to adopt the ontology completely. The benefit of using EBUCorePlus arises from combining well-defined modelling proposals with your use case-specific decisions. Especially for system integration tasks and defining requirements, projects benefit from EBUCorePlus as a business – not technology–oriented language. 

The ontology is developed by the EBU Metadata Modelling Working Group as an open-source project on GitHub. Requests for changes and improvements can be submitted by EBU Members, media organizations or anybody else from the media community. The EBUCorePlus Editorial Committee reviews requests and implements changes. 

The EBU Metadata Modelling Working Group provides access, upon request, to a cloud-hosted demonstration kit to explore and better understand the whole EBUCorePlus model.

Video tutorials on the EBUCorePlus are available on the EBU website: 

  1. Overview of classes and domains
  2. Mapping to the media value chain
  3. Knowledge graphs and examples