NTS 2012 - The Media & IT Rendezvous

Day 2

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Session 3: Open Internet & Consumer Devices in Broadcast
How to use IP to carry audio and video for Broadcasters, an ISP perspective - Brian Slott (GigaContent A/S)
#bbctorchcam - A hybrid mobile broadcast network - Colin Muir (BBC)
AoIP Contribution over LTE - Andreas Burk (Vodafone DE); Christian Scholz-Graber (ARD)


Session 4: Media Storage
EBU FSS: Future Storage Systems - Chris Chambers (BBC)
Storage structure performance - David Butler (BBC)
A migration case to new infrastructure - Pieter Adams (VRT)


Session 5: Security
Broadcasters’ Security Issues - Andy Leigh (BBC)
Network Security in Audio over IP Infrastructure - Andreas Metz (IRT)


Session 6: Emerging and Future Technologies
Update on SMPTE Time Labelling and Synchronization - John Fletcher (BBC)
Switching SDI in IP - Matthias Laabs (IRT)
Perspectives on Software Defined Networking: Concepts, Architectures, Use Cases - Frank Brockners (Cisco)


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