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Network Technology Seminar 2012


Click the links below to download presentation PDFs.
EBU Members and delegates only. Audio+Slides are also available from the Videos' tab. 

Speaker Biographies

Day 1

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Opening Session

Overview of EBU Projects - Hans Hoffmann (EBU)
Overview of SMPTE Projects - Peter Symes (SMPTE)
UHDTV at the London Olympics - John Zubrzycki (BBC)

Session 1: Production & Studios
Media Networking Anatomy/AES-X192 - Kevin Gross (AVA Networks)
EBU-I3P. Intercom interoperability testing - Mathias Coinchon (EBU)
EBU ACIP2 – Audio Contribution over IP - Sonja Langhans (IRT)
What is ViLoR? - Geoff Woolf (BBC)
Studio complex for SVT with 1080p/3G-SDI infrastructure - Mikael Lindberg (SVT)

Session 2: Contribution & B2B
IP radio contribution, how to cope with QoS - Christian Scholz-Graber (ARD)
SMPTE 2022 High Bit Rate Media Transport update and VSF Hitless Switching update - Michael Bany (VSF)
Radio contribution over satellite - Henrik Sundell (Swedish Space Corporation)
Next Generation Converged Network - Michel Béland (CBC/Radio-Canada)

Error protection for audio and video over IP - Andy Rayner (Nevion)
Using Mobile Apps for broadcast applications - Colin Muir (BBC)
Network/Storage measurements - David Butler (BBC)
How will media and IT co-exist in broadcast organizations? (discussion) - Hans Hoffmann (EBU)


Welcome F. Poulin (EBU), H. Hoffmann (EBU) and P. Symes (SMPTE)
UHDTV at the London Oympics John Zubrzycki (BBC)
Media Networking Anatomy Kevin Gross (AVA Networks)
EBU-I3P Plug Test Mathias Coinchon (EBU)
EBU ACIP2 Sonja Langhans (IRT)
What is ViLoR? Geoff Woolf (BBC)
1080p/3G-SDI Mikael Lindberg (SVT)
IP radio contribution Christian Scholz-Graber (ARD)
SMPTE 2022 Michael Bany (VSF)
Radio contribution over satellite Henrik Sundell (SSC)
NGCN Michel Béland (CBC/Radio-Canada)
An ISP perspective Brian Slott (GigaContent)
#bbctorchcam Colin Muir (BBC)
AoIP Contribution over LTE A. Burk (Vodafone) and C. Scholz-Graber (ARD)
EBU FSS Chris Chambers (BBC)
Storage structure David Butler (BBC)
A migration case Pieter Adams (VRT)
Security Issues for Broadcasters Andy Leigh (BBC)
Network Security Andreas Metz (IRT)
Update on Time Labelling John Fletcher (BBC)
Switching SDI in IP Matthias Laabs (IRT)
Software Defined Networking Frank Brockners (Cisco)
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