New Buildings Initiative

A Members-only forum on the topic of new broadcast facilities built for future workflows and technologies

The New Buildings Initiative comprises EBU Members who are in the process of planning or constructing new broadcast and production facilities. It is a private forum for Members to exchange ideas, learnings and best-practice in order to help future-proof these projects.

This programme is jointly run by EBU Technology & Innovation and the EBU Academy.

Ready for everything

New broadcast facilities represent major long-term investments for broadcasters and are built to specifications that are significantly different from those that shaped the facilities they replace. Planners need to account for current requirements as well as tomorrow's production realities, and prepare for a fast pace of change.

In the planning of these projects, broadcast organizations try to anticipate the impact of ever more intelligent tools and the increasing 'dematerialization' of facilities, lay the groundwork for adaptable workflows that are capable of delivering suitable content for multiple formats and platforms, and support working realities that blur the lines of the traditional division of labor.

In practice this means media factories of the future need to provide technical infrastructure that can accommodate evolving production requirements and create a supportive workspace for producers and engineers to colloborate and respond to changing consumption patterns.

NBI topics

The New Buildings Initiative primarily concerns itself with topics such as IP-based production infrastructures, best practice for spaces that support innovative working environments, and project/change management.

Next visit (#5)


NRK, Media City, Bergen, Norway


Thursday 3 May 12:30 – Friday 4 May 15:00

To register, please fill in the online form.

Topics on the agenda:

  • NRK's implementation of an activity-based workspace
  • Setting up a Live IP production platform and the challenges experienced
  • Managing change and preparing for the move to Media City
  • Tour and presentation of TV2 Norway (which is also housed at Media City)
  • What benefits the clustering of organizations at Media City delivers
  • Update on NBI's Member projects

The visit will take place during the Nordic Media Forum, the most prominent and largest media conference in the Nordic region.