HDTV Webinar

This first EBU TECHNICAL webinar was dedicated to HDTV. The EBU has conducted over the last years a number of key projects to facilitate the migration towards HDTV in production, distribution, and at the consumer premises.

First hand information for EBU Members

Dr Hans Hoffmann gave first hand information to EBU Members about the work conducted in the different projects such as:

- HDTV image format standards in production and emission
- Studio compression systems
- Distribution compression
- Impact of standards conversion
- Displays in professional environments
- Studio infrastructures
- EBU work on a European wide HDTV consumer receiver guideline
- Possible routemap towards 1080p/50 in production and distribution
- Activities in various standards bodies and the future activities of the EBU

Recording available

An integral recording is available to EBU Members in the Publications Library. Log in first and then search for "HDTV webinar". If you are not an EBU Member or not logged in, you won't find the recording.


For additional information, please contact us via: hdtv@ebu.ch


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