The Route Map to High Definition Television


HDTV has finally arrived in Europe. The aim of HDTV is to provide the consumer with a new experience of audiovisual content with high quality video and surround sound. Viewers will watch the content on newly available flat panel displays. For EBU Members, HDTV impacts directly on the overall enterprise strategy and many EBU Members have already announced their HDTV introduction plans. EBU TECHNICAL, together with the Members, has been concentrating on the technological implications of introducing HDTV at the EBU Members' premises – in the short, medium and long term. The work be can be categorized in a production, contribution, distribution (and consumer) domain. In each of these domains particular working activities have been started to give scientifically solid and objective advice to EBU Members. The key topics addresed for each domain are summarised below.







- Interoperability and harmonisation of open standards for the production chain..

- Recommendions on HDTV image formats and studio compression formats.

- Study of the benefits and drawbacks of progressive/interlaced HDTV image formats.

- Study of the benefits and drawbacks of next generation HDTV, e.g. 1080p/50.

- New HDTV production equipment  (cameras, server, networks, etc.).

- Non-CRT display technologies for professional and for consumer use.

- Surround sound in production.





- Interoperability and quality of service of HDTV via contribution links.

- MPEG-2 based and new H.264/AVC contribution codecs.

- The impact of HDTV standards converters and DOLBY E.





- H.264/AVC compression and encoders for HDTV distribution and SVC for the longer term.

- Recommendation on optimum bit-rates in emission and the potential impact on spectrum demands.

- Benefits and drawbacks of progressive/interlaced HDTV image formats and next generation HDTV formats.

- Resulting image quality that consumers will perceive in the home.

- A harmonised European-wide HDTV receiver specification for EBU Members.

- Possible consequences for consumers when introducing HDTV in the homes.

- Recommendations on MCA formats, optimum compression, bit-rates, loudness, dial-norm issues, etc.