Tutorials PTS 2014

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A: Automated Quality Control Workflows
(1h 45m)

Andy Quested (BBC) with members of EBU SP-QC
This workshop will explore automated QC with a mix of examples from the work of the EBU QC group and the real life journey that’s just beginning for Yle.  The session will include a practical demonstration and discussion with plenty of time for questions.


B: Networks in Production (2 hours)

Peter Schut (Axon), Luc Andries (SDN2), John Stone (SONY), Markus Berg (IRT), Bob Edge (Consultant).

This tutorial will talk about technologies that will potentially enable the fully networked production environment. It will cover Ethernet AVB, SDI over IP and Software Defined Networking, and will share early experiences.


C: HDR - HD post for life-like screens (2 hours)

Florian Utsi Martin,  Milan Krsljanin and Henning Rädlein (ARRI)

High Dynamic Range displays are poised to bring new levels of image accuracy to HD productions. Screens with wider dynamic range and higher contrast can display the full latitude of today's high-end digital cameras producing images with precise colour accuracy and sharpness. This creative opportunity also represents a creative challenge, putting an emphasis on post-production and how to get the most from acquired rushes for today's and future HDR screens.

D: Demystifying Semantic Web Technologies (2 hours) *Day 1 only.

Jean-Pierre Evain (EBU); Mike Matton (VRT)

This tutorial will cover semantic modelling, semantic search and linked data. The advantages of semantic technologies will be presented with a specific focus on archives, but also for production and distribution.


E: Archives (2 hours) *Day 1 only.

Christoph Bauer (ORF); Michael Jordi (JORDI AG)

Exploring the archive as an important asset in modern AV-production; “productive” archives versus repositories; how to fulfill the needs of “tri-media” production through archive services; and the "Open Archive", myth vs, actual need.


F: Automated Metadata Extraction (2 hours) *Day 2 only.

Alberto Messina (RAI)

Covering the basics of how to automatically and efficiently extract descriptive information from the analysis of multimedia content (pictures, sound, text and their combination). The fundamental methodology will be explained and some of the main technologies will be illustrated with the help of concrete examples.


G: Immersive Audio Production (2 hours) *Day 2 only.

Lidwine Hô (francetélévisions)

Exploring technical aspects of 3D audio (How to record it? With what tools? How to listen?) as well as the benefits it can bring in terms of immersion, information and localization. Some case studies will be presented, including problems encountered and how they were solved.