Demos PTS 2014

Delegates at the Production Technology Seminar will have the chance to view - and in some cases get their hands on - a set of demonstrations of cutting edge tools and services.


Higher Frame Rates improve the quality of UHDTV
Part 1 of this demo shows that the quality improvement from doubling the frame rate on the selected test sequences results in an obvious and resilient increase in quality for all test sequences at 3H and 4.5H. Part 2 demonstrates that for the specific range of 120Hz vs 240Hz, the quality gain in frame rate increase varies even more per sequence. (Demo: Broadcast Technology Futures Group )


M4: Making Musical Mood Metadata

The M4 demo will show how a recommender can be used to search for production music tracks based on mood.
The demo will feature a browser based search with visualization of the tracks to provide a more intuitive method of comparing and navigating music tracks. (Demo: BBC )


Immersive Audio

Two eyes give you stereoscopic vision. Two ears give you total aural immersion in any numer of dimensions you'd care to do the analysis. Binaural stereo is the essential mechanism that will provide our headphone wearing audiences with the rich audio environments that are commonly produced nowadays for all genres of high definition television and cinema. This deceptively simple headphone demo should  help convince you of this.

(Demo: EBU)


Effective semantic navigation in cultural digitized cuultural heritage 

The demonstration will present “”, a portal dedicated to cultural digitized heritage proposed by the “Wallonia-Brussels Federation”. More than 600,000 documents and scanned objects are available online, from the collections of more than twenty institutions. Come and see effective semantic navigation and thematic proposals routes!

(Demo: RTBF, Perfect Memory)


4k lens optical performance

Optical performance beyond 4k; image stabilization.

(Demo: Canon)