Production Technology Seminar 2009

The 2009 EBU Production Technology Seminar featured a record attendance of 139 participants. From Loudness to 3D-TV and from HDTV to SOA, many current and future production technology related issues were addressed by speakers from all over the globe.

  3D-TV promises 'great' pictures



Exposing ongoing work

EBU TECHNICAL organises the Production Technology Seminar under guidance of the Production technology Management Committee (PMC) . It offers a key opportunity to disseminate results achieved in EBU Group activities and to strengthen the relationships with other industry organisations.


One such activity is gathering best-practices and creating recommendations on broadcast archives. As the chairman of the second day, Wieslaw Lodzikowski (TVP), underlined, the importance and costs of well-organised archives mean broadcasters could benefit from sharing knowledge in this area.

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To learn more about currently active EBU Groups, have a look at the Groups section . You can also contact program manager Dr Hans Hoffmann with any questions or suggestions related to the topics addressed in this event. Finally please note EBU Members can download all presentations from our Publications Library .


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