Open Source Meetup

Normally a physical gathering at IBC in Amsterdam, the Open Source Meetup 2020 is held as a virtual event due to the ongoing COVID-19-related restrictions.

If you would like to propose a talk for a future OSM or to learn more about the EBU's open source activities, please contact Ben Poor (EBU).

The event

The Open Source Meetup gathers developers working on open source projects for media and broadcasting as well as those wanting to learn more or to talk to the makers behind relevant projects. The format for this year's meetup was adapted to suit the online experience. Quality of content – this time themed around projects that have been, or might soon be, of relevance to the industry's response to COVID-19 – as well as networking will continue to be front and center.

Open source projects have become a vital part of the technology landscape. Most systems use or interface with open source code and work in some way. This is particular true for broadcasters, who make use of and contribute to such tools, and increasingly making some of their own work available in this way.

This annual event is a great opportunity to learn about new projects, catch up with updates to familiar ones, and to meet and talk with other people in the open source and broadcasting community.


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