EBU Open Source Meetup

14 Sep 2019

One of the highlights of the EBU presence at IBC is the Open Source Meetup, gathering developers working on open source projects for media and broadcasting as well as those wishing to find out more. Last year's event covered topics including tools for Digital TV engineers, automation systems, x265 and the EBU's MCMA project.

On Saturday 14th September from 16.00 to 17.00, come and join us on the EBU stand (10.F20) to hear a set of lightning talks, updating us on familiar projects and presenting new ones.

Our currently confirmed presentations include the following topics:

  • OMRI - API interface for mobile DAB devices
  • Beamcoder - Node.js bindings for FFMPEG
  • Opendigitalradio - Updates on the opensource digital radio project
  • SUMMA - Text, VoD, stream-based speech recognition and machine translation
  • AMWA NMOS Testing - Used as part of the recent JT-NM event
  • Opensource on-premise/cloud for media - How the BBC is using opensource tools
  • EBU ADM Renderer - Next generation audio tools
  • GPAC - Latest changes to GPAC
  • MoIP device configuration using Ansible- Used during the deployment of new IP facilities at CBC Montreal
  • Virtual Reality for Accessibility
  • Sofie Studio Automation - Updates to the system used by NRK
  • Sub-frame latency in FFMPEG

The final roster is now confirmed - many thanks to those of you who put forward talks

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