Networks 2004

A mixed audience of more than 80 broadcast managers, engineers and other interested industry representatives attended the 2004 NMC Seminar to be informed on the latest developments in HD, multi-channel audio, middleware, MXF and many security aspects for networked broadcast facilities.

The two-day event also offered opportunities to share experiences and ideas in a pleasant atmosphere offline.

Security: not only technology

The second day of the seminar was completely devoted to security matters. The subjects covered during this day concerned, as starting point, the types of possible attacks against broadcasting organisation systems. Such attacks encompass more than technology alone, while 'social engineering' remains a vital part of many intrusions.

Smart tools

The seminar concluded with a look at new technologies oriented to the protection of content. While current means of protection offer solutions for the protection against malicious actions and intrusions in systems, new technologies offer a more global security concept including right management and the verification of the integrity of content.


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