MXF Master Class 2010

All broadcasters will eventually have to migrate to an entirely file-based workflow. How to do this in the smoothest and most efficient way, while ensuring interoperability between servers, workstations and other content creation devices?

One immediate approach is through using the Material eXchange Format (MXF). The EBU supports this technology and has identified an urgent need among broadcasters to expand their understanding in this field.

The outcome of this course for you:

- Understand what MXF is, where it comes from, how it works, what problems it addresses.
- Get up to speed with MXF technology, including its physical structure, metadata, essence and operational patterns.
- Understand how MXF can be applied, identify crucial interoperability issues and map the information to your experience.

For information you may contact:

Nathalie Cordonnier
Project Manager
Tel: +41 22 717 21 48
Hans Hoffmann
Programme Manager
Tel: +41 22 717 27 46


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