Introducing Hybrid TV - A Workshop

IRT, Munich, Germany - 27-28/06/11, organised in the context of the EBU's efforts to promote hybrid services amongst its member, this EBU member only event was designed to answer all the questions member might have about how to introduce attractive hybrid services as quickly as possible. Learning from those who have experience in running hybrid services, participants were also able to interact with each other to understand how to develop the conditions necessary to launch such services in their own territories.

The sessions were organised by the EBU Technology & Development Department and chaired by Andreas Weiss (ARD – Germany) and Peter MacAvock (EBU). For further information, you may contact Filka Haenni (EBU).

Institut für Rundfunktechnik
Floriansmühlstrasse 60
D - 80939 Münich

DAY 1 - Monday, 27/06/11

12:30-13:00   Registration    
13:00-13:40   Welcome and Introduction   Andreas Weiss (ARD) & Lieven Vermale (EBU)
13:40-14:10   Basic infrastructure requirements   Bernard Fontaine (France TV)
14:10-14:40   "Starter Kit"   Tristram Biggs (BBC)
14:40-15:10    Human Resources and Workflow   Robert Amlung (ZDF)
15:40-16:10   Performance measurement   Camille Zubayr (ARD)
16:10-17:00      Midterm investment planning and risk factor "Success"                           Chaired by Peter MacAvock (EBU) & Andreas Weiss (ARD) and including: Alberto Morello (RAI) and other senior respresentatives
17:00XXXXXXX   End Day 1    

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