HBB Workshop

ETSI and the EBU organized a short workshop just before IBC 2009 on Hybrid Broadcast Broadband (HBB). The workshop is to provide an update on this exciting technology in the European context.

Broadcast & Broadband

HBB systems will offer both broadcast/cable delivery and broadband delivery to the same television set, and may prove to be the 'normal' television set of the future.



Two important areas emerged from the interactive discussions:

1. The need for more attention to licence fees in these new systems. Broadcasters are haunted by the ghosts of the submarine patents which emerged with DVB-MHP five years after services had begun, and which was responsible for missed opportunities for its use. This time this has to be avoided, particulary for the hybrid broadcasting area where the world is used to licence free Internet systems.

2. There was a concern that the business has forgotten about the need for such systems to function on handhelds, as well as lounge televisions.


For more information on this topic, please contact EBU Program Manager Peter MacAvock.



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