At its meeting, which coincided with the Eurovision TV Summit, the EBU’s Executive Board was given demonstrations of two key technologies on the horizon for broadcasters: Hybrid Broadcast Broadband television and 3D TV.



EBU TECHNICAL demonstrated a Hybrid Broadcast Broadband (HBB) television set showing a DVB-T broadcast overlaid with content downloaded from the Internet. In addition, Executive Board members were informed about the state of the art on stereoscopic / 3D TV.



For the 3D TV demonstration, content was played-out to a flat panel display, using two different sources:


    1. There was a demonstration with anaglyph glasses showing content from a BluRay player.

    2. A different set of material was played from a PC and shown using shutter glasses.


EBU TECHNICAL was asked to prepare these demonstrations to brief the EBU’s management on important developing topics. The EBU’s Technical Committee considers to study options in both these domains with a view to producing guidelines and ensuring that standardisation organisations consider public service broadcasting requirements in their deliberations.





For more information on the HBB demo, please contact: Peter MacAvock (EBU)


For questions on 3D TV, please e-mail: Hans Hoffmann (EBU)

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