Forecast 2013

Forecast is the EBU's annual seminar dealing with broadcast technologies, spectrum management and related topics. The theme for this year's event is indicative of the potential seriousness of the situation -

"Mission Critical for Public Service Media".

The terrestrial broadcast platform has been and will continue to be the main means of accessing free-to-air television. In an environment where demand for spectrum, a finite resource, is continually rising, the best interests of citizens are served by broadcast platforms and public service media.

Broadcasting and spectrum need to be managed carefully; it is essential for EBU Members and all of those who play a role in digital terrestrial television (DTT) to contribute to the discussions. Terrestrial broadcasting techniques remain the most efficient way to deliver a broad package of high quality linear (and even partially on-demand) content to an unlimited number of users living in a large area; indoor or outdoor, mobile or fixed. But the spectrum used by DTT is highly sought after and a strong case needs to be built and defended. The future of public service media as we know it may be at stake.

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