Forecast 2012

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Day 1:   14 November 2012 - Chair: Peter MacAvock (EBU)     Click here for Day 2

Session 1: Keynote, context & Case Studies

Welcome & Introduction - Lieven Vermaele, EBU
A short walk in a new television landscape - Pham Hai, ITU
The migration to DTT and DVB-T2 in Europe - Myra Moore, Digital Tech Consulting
Case Study:  Finland - Marit Ingves, Brussels representative of Nordic Public Service Broadcasters
Case Study:  Ukraine 2012 - DVB-T2 implementation without analogue switch-off - Artem Zhavrotskyi,
  Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies
Does an open source approach hold the key to lower cost transmission? - Mathias Coinchon, EBU

Session 2: The road to WRC-15

ITU-R JTG work and expected outcome - Thomas Ewers, Chairman JTG 4-5-6-7
What are the spectrum requirements for broadcasting services in the longer term? - Walid Sami, EBU
How will PMSE respond to a changing spectrum environment? - Dré Klaassen, Association of Professional
  Wireless Production Technologies
A common spectrum and networks action plan for the broadcast industry - Bernard Pauchon, DigiTAG
SM - Tying up the loose ends - Nigel Laflin, Chairman EBU Spectrum Management Group




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