Forecast 2011 - Day 2 / Thursday, 10 Nov. 2011

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Challenges and objectives in the delivery and system domain

Gino Alberico (RAI)
09:15 Introduction to the EBU Lab tools Mathias Coinchon (EBU)

Session 5

Delivery of Mobile TVModerator:

Gino Alberico (RAI)


Use of L-band (1452-1492 MHz) for Supplemental Downlink

Wassim Chourbaji (Qualcomm)
10:15 DVB-T2 Lite - addressing mobile receivers individually
with a T2 network
Frank Herrmann (Panasonic)
11:15 What business models for Mobile TV services Peter MacAvock (EBU)

Session 6

Hybrid TV and second screensModerator:

Peter MacAvock (EBU)


Enhancing the linear TV model

Bram Tullemans (EBU)

12:30 Lunch  

UK perspective on the Connected TV industry

Tristram Biggs (BBC)

MHP update - services and developments

Paul Bristow (ADB Global)
15:00 HbbTV update - services and developments Bernard Fontaine (France TV)

Session 7

Content Distribution NetworksModerator:


Bram Tullemans (EBU)


Over the top video services business cases

Gilles Fontaine (IDATE)

Bram Tullemans (EBU)


Round table  

What consumers will experience from
broadcasting in future

David Wood (EBU)


Panel Session with key note speakers

17:00 End of the conference