Digital Radio Summit 2022

NOTE: As the pandemic continues to affect organisations in Europe and beyond, we have decided to extend our temporary Covid pricing policy, with a 100% discount on online-only tickets for employees of EBU Members, Associates, and Approved Participants.

The EBU Digital Radio Summit brings together experts from around the world to discuss current hot topics and trends around Hybrid and Digital Radio. The 2022 event will be held fully online, giving attendees an opportunity to join presenters from organisations across the globe.

For this year's event, we'll be looking at what different broadcasters are doing to respond to changes in when and how their audiences listen to radio services. We are pleased to have expert speakers share their wisdom and initiatives and help explain how radio content will continue to be vital for audiences in the future, so come and be part of the conversation.

If you want to get a feeling for the event, check out last year's DRS presentations (scroll down; access to content is free for EBU Members and DRS 2021 participants).

On the agenda

  • Innovations in the radio space
  • On-demand first strategies
  • Automotive radio
  • Distribution options for radio today and in future - the big debate
  • Blue Pilot – a digital radio content exchange

... and more.


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