Digital Radio Summit 2019

13 Feb 2019
EBU Geneva

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This event is part of the EBU Digital Radio Week, 11-14 February 2019.

Most people now use Digital Radio to refer to both terrestrial broadcast and broadband delivery of audio, with Hybrid Radio using an internet connection to create a better user experience: visuals, interactivity, linked content, richer information. With increasing levels of connectivity in cars and the explosion in voice controlled platforms providing new canvasses on which to paint a new way of interacting with radio services - what are broadcasters doing now, and what should they be doing to prepare for the future?

On February 13th 2019 the EBU's Digital Radio Summit 2019 examined these hot topics for the future of Radio, as well as showcasing a range of projects from our Members and others. Sessions covered insights from outside of Europe, including Australia and the US, as well as a discussion on Radio in 5G alongside broadcast. We were pleased to welcome a number of expert speakers, including:

Norways Digital Switchover (Marius Lillelien, NRK)

With Norway’s Digital Switchover in the bag, what next? What long term benefits can digital radio kickstart and why other broadcasters should be defining their own plans.

Multiplatform Radio (Eugenio La Teana, RTL)

Radio has evolved from being a single platform or a device – it’s the content. How does a successful broadcaster coordinate all the different platforms this content can be consumed on? What platforms of the future should broadcasters be preparing for?

Radio in the Connected Car (Laurence Harrison, Digital Radio UK / WorldDAB)

Laurence guides us through conversations with manufacturers, and what they say they need from broadcasters in order to create a better radio user experience in cars.

The second coming of the podcast, (Florent Latrive, Radio France; James Cridland,; Linda Rulle, Latvian Radio)

A discussion on the next age of the podcast. With podcasts becoming part of the natural content landscape for broadcasters, how can then be used as a complement to live broadcast. Also, some facts and figures from around the world, and how broadcasters enable their audiences to discover podcast content.

EBU Digital Radio Week

The EBU's Digital Radio Week consists of a range of industry and public events around Radio, including:

Other invitation-only events take place during this week, including the EBU Strategic Programme for Radio meeting, and the WorldDAB Technical Committee.

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