Digital Radio Summit 2018

Videos and PDF files of all presentations at DRS 2018 are made available to EBU Members and conference attendees below. Please log in to access them.

The Digital Radio Summit is the flagship event of the Digital Radio Week, and the key place to learn about current and future trends in Radio technology and innovation.

It's all about the User Experience

Following on from the challenges presented last year, the key to moving forward becomes the user experience of Radio.

Greater connectivity, voice-controlled devices, widening multiplatform consumption are all factors that will affect how Radio be enjoyed in the future. The good news is that audiences still want Radio on new platforms. But with the battle lines drawn between the ecosystems of the major tech companies, what happens to the link between broadcasters and their audiences?

This also has an effect on automotive, a place where Radio should be strongest. New experiences for audiences in cars are coming, supported by new services. The struggle for the prominence of Radio should be in everyone's mind, and different ways of solving this will be discussed.

All of these new experiences are driven from metadata containing additional information about services. This powers much of what can refresh the traditional Radio experience for users – but what are the different ways to make this happen? And where will Radio be in the future?

The list of participants is available here.



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