Radio Archives Workshop

15 Feb 2018
EBU, Geneva

This event is part of the EBU Digital Radio Week, 12-15 February 2018.

The Radio Archive Workshop is a new event at the end of the week, exploring how members can best use their radio archives.

Challenges and Opportunities

For many broadcasters, radio archives are both a challenge and an opportunity. 

How to store, digitize, and make archived content available for audiences are of increasing concern. With many hours of unique and potentially valuable content remaining inaccessible - how can broadcasters unlock their potential?

The first Radio Archive Workshop seeks to answer some of these questions and create an interactive environment for sharing best-practice and know-how.

We will shortly be publishing the full schedule, but expect to learn about how other broadcasters use their archives as an inspiration for new content, as well as hands-on advice.

EBU Digital Radio Week

The EBU Digital Radio Week contains events around the topic of Radio Technology and Innovation, with a range of events including:

  • Radiohack Workshop: 12-13 February.
  • RadioDNS Update: 13 February. This morning session is open to all (public). For more information, please contact: Nick Piggott.
  • Digital Radio Summit: 14 February.
  • Radio Archives Workshop: 15 February. This event is open to all EBU members.

Other invitation-only events take place during this week, including for the EBU Strategic Programme for Radio, and the WorldDAB Technical Committee.

Upcoming EBU Events