Radio Archives Workshop

This event was part of the EBU Digital Radio Week, 12-15 February 2018.

The Radio Archive Workshop, first held this year, is a forum for discussing ideas and sharing best-practice for broadcasters, helping them unlock the potential of their radio archives.

Challenges and Opportunities

For many broadcasters, radio archives are both a challenge and an opportunity. How to store, digitize, and make archived content available for audiences is of increasing concern. With many hours of unique and potentially valuable content remaining inaccessible, how can broadcasters unlock this potential?

The first Radio Archives Workshop sought to answer some of these questions and created an interactive environment for sharing best-practice and know-how. Delegates heard about different ways in which broadcasters are already using their extensive archives, as well as other topics like automated metadata extraction, tools for helping the archive production workflow, and where the technology may be headed.

For more information on specific sessions, please see the programme.

EBU Digital Radio Week

The EBU Digital Radio Week 2018 contained several events around the topic of radio technology and innovation, including:

Other invitation-only events take place during this week, including for the EBU Strategic Programme for Radio meeting, and the WorldDAB Technical Committee.



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