Display Seminar

The first  EBU TECHNICAL Display seminar took place at the EBU in Geneva on 24 and 25 February 2009.  About 60 participants attended the Seminar dedicated to state of the art display technology.

EBU Display Group

Organised by the EBU Group on Display technologies (P/Display), the seminar explained in clear, though not shallow, presentations what display technology is and is not available. The wide variety of new display technologies potentially could provide continuous improvements in picture quality. However, it also means it is more difficult than ever to produce content for 'the home'. The 'good old days' when everybody had a CRT are gone...

Another topic addressed in the seminar: extended colour gamut (xvYCC).


This does not mean that the reference monitor is obsolete, on the contrary! At the seminar developments in the professional grade 1 segment were shown not only in presentations, but also in demonstrations.




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