BroadThinking is the online event for online video specialists. The 2021 programme will provide a full overview of all relevant technical innovations with regard to their applicability in PSM’s online video services.

EBU BroadThinking 2021 is a two-day online event covering topics that are relevant to video specialists who are working on broadcasters' online services. The event provides a mix of EBU Members' experience and industry specialists sharing relevant insights. The programme intends to provide a full overview of all relevant technical and delivery related topics. The first day focusses on applications and platforms, whilst the second day concentrates more on convergence and delivery.

Call for submissions

If you would like to propose a presentation or suggest topics for presentations, please send us an email (Hemini Mehta and Bram Tullemans) by 30 November 2020.

On the BroadThinking 2021 agenda

  • Segmentation applications to improve findability
  • The future of the video player in browsers and apps
  • Automation of accessibility services: automatic translation, speech-to-text, etc.
  • Hybrid Broadcast Broadband: state of the art of using HbbTV and DVB-I
  • Personalization ‘best of practice’ for tailoring content offerings to individuals
  • An update on Connected Cars and Devices
  • End-to-end multi-device protection schemes including DRM
  • Applied Data Science for PSM and online services
  • Relevant 5G deployments as an upcoming convergent ecosystem
  • Content Delivery Network optimization from running your own CDN to Multi-CDN
  • Over The Top PSM services: the state of play

BroadThinking was one of the first events to move the fully online at the start of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020. It was a big success and we have received good feedback indicating there is even more appetite for relevant information when everybody is working from home. This year we aim to make the experience even better and include possibilities for you to engage with your peers in better ways than a normal webinar allows.

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