AIEMPro 2010

The third international workshop on Automated Information Extraction in Media Production (AIEMPro) was organised in conjunction with the ACM Multimedia 2010 conference. The organising committee consisted of representatives of the EBU, NHK, RAI and VRT, which also participate in the EBU SCAIE (Study of Content Analysis based Automatic Information Extraction) Group.

The workshop aimed to help exchange ideas and practises between leading experts in research and leading actors in the media community, in order to catalyse the migration towards new ways of producing media content. These new approaches are aided by the large scale introduction of tools for automated multimedia analysis and understanding.

"Metadata made cheaper"
The workshop should also have helped researchers to better understand what are the key practical requirements to meet for their scientific developments to become adopted more widely. The ultimate goal is "metadata made cheaper". 

Jean-Pierre Evain (EBU) or Alberto Messina (RAI) .

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