3D TV Workshop

This event has been jointly organised with the ITU and SMPTE. Below you will find the EBU-ITU-SMTPE 3D-TV Workshop presentations.

   1.  What are the options for production and display?        
  - Introductory remarks   D. Wood , C. Dosch and M. Krivocheev
  - The 3D TV toolbox - the results of the 3D TV NoE   Levent Onural (University of Bilkent)    
  - Production aspects of plano-stereoscopic 3D TV   Colin Smith (ITV)    
  - 3D TV situation for consumer electronics manufacturers   Brian Markwalker (CEA)    
  - Human visual perception relevant to 3D TV   Wa James Tam (CRC)    
  2.  What is the role of the standards bodies?        
  - 3D actitivies in the ITU-T   Arthur Webster (ITU-T SG9)    
  - 3D activities in the DVB Project   David Daniels (BSkyB)    
  - Report of the SMPTE Task Force on 3D to the home   Bill Zou (SMPTE)    
  - Report on the IRT-R activities in 3D TV   P. Gardiner & V. Baroncini (FUB)    
  - Summary of morning conclusions   Hans Hoffmann (EBU)    
  3. What tools are available for picture coding?        
  - MPEG developments in multi-view video coding and 3D video   Jens-Rainer Ohm (RWTH)    
  - 3D 4 U   Ralf Tanger (HHI)    
  - The Sensio system and its applicability for broadcasting   Richard LaBerge (Sensio)    
  - Issues in broadcast delivery of 3D   Walt Husak (Dolby)    
  4. What are the emerging future technologies?
  - 3D TV based on integral method   Fumio Okano (NHK)    
  - 3D TV based on multi-view capturing   Amar Aggoun (Brunel University)    
  - Summary of afternoon conclusions   Hans Hoffmann (EBU)    
  - What needs to be done to agree worldwide standards?   Christoph Dosch  (IRT)    

For more information on this event, please contact:  David Wood .

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