How to procure for interoperable CDN services?

This webinar discusses the technical and operational requirements that EBU recommends for use in the procurement of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, with a focus on media delivery. It addresses content providers, such as EBU Members, and the CDN industry.

EBU Recommendation R 159 also describes how the CDN tender process can be optimized for specific media CDN setups, such as multi-CDN deployments. If EBU Members or other content providers use the same requirements as a baseline in their procurement activities, this will improve the interoperability of CDN services in the market.

EBU Members are amongst the largest media content publishers that publicly tender for CDN services. CDNs are essential for broadcasters to deliver the best possible video quality to an increasing number of online audiences. Almost half of the EBU Membership even combines one or more public CDNs with their private content delivery network. However, due to lack of standardization it can be challenging for content providers to switch between and integrate additional public CDNs into their architecture.

This risk can be mitigated by requesting vendors to support a common set of requirements, which R 159 intends to accomplish. At the same time R 159 recommends that procurers check how the requirements should be selected and weighted to align with their needs. After all it is not one size that fits all, but the recommended requirements form a baseline set. CDN providers will be stimulated to provide the best possible service, potentially by adding specializations.

R 159 was compiled by CDN specialists of the EBU Members working in the Broadband Distribution Architecture (BDA) group that is part of the Strategic Programme Distribution, governed by the EBU Technical Committee.