Wireless Everything and Electromagnetic Interference – Keeping the Airwaves Clean

This webinar explained what electromagnetic compatibility is and why it is important. Aiming to make this subject more accessible, it highlights some examples of interference sources and introduces the key standards bodies, showing how they relate to each other and how the EBU can influence outcomes.

In our increasingly connected world, do we know enough about the risks posed by electromagnetic interference to our broadcasting operations?  With new gadgets easily purchased online, are the national, regional and international standardisation processes keeping up with the pace of developments? How safe is it to assume that broadcasters’ requirements are understood and factored into these processes?


Cath Westcott - BBC World Service Group Senior Distribution Manager, EBU Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility Group Chair
Martin Wright - EMC consultant for EBU and BBC
Walid Sami - EBU Senior Project Manager


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