Future Media Technologies That Will Change our World

Having analysed work being done in public service media R&D and Innovation labs, the Broadcast Technologies Futures Group (BTF) recently published a report outlining future media technology trends as signposts for tomorrow’s media.

In this webinar, the group will explain and summarise its main conclusions. The webinar is open to the general public.


1. Introduction

Hans Hoffmann (EBU, Chair BTF)

2. Tomorrow’s Media User Experience

What new experiences will be available to tomorrow’s viewer, and what direction is technology taking us? 

Hirokazu Kamoda (NHK), Kohji Mitani (NHK), Anssi Komulainen (YLE)

3. Tomorrow’s Content Production

What will be the structure of tomorrow’s production centres, and how will they cope with the needs of new services?

Hans Hoffmann (EBU), Mike Matton (VRT)

4. Tomorrow’s Media Delivery

How will tomorrows content be delivered, and what combinations of delivery media are likely to be being used?

Gino Alberico (RAI), Rainer Schaefer (former IRT)

5. Summary and Questions

Judy Parnall (BBC, Chair EBU Technical Committee)

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