Security Tests for Networked Equipment

This Webinar explains, in practical terms and step-by-step, how to conduct the minimum security tests listed in EBU Recommendation R 148 for networked media equipment, and how to address vulnerabilities that may be uncovered.


Jeroen Zwarts, Information Security Officer at Dutch broadcaster NPO


Practical guidance

Modern production equipment is increasingly networked, either as dedicated hardware for IP-based production environments, or to add management and control functions to SDI-based units. Unfortunately, security measures against potential cyber threats have not always kept up with this increased connectivity. Many devices still exhibit a low security threshold inherited from the era of non-connected broadcast hardware – when cybersecurity due diligence was often not a top priority for manufacturers and users.

To help detect potential vulnerabilities in media equipment, the EBU Media Cybersecurity Strategic Programme has established a minimum set of security tests for networked media appliances, defined in Recommendation R 148. These tests can be performed proactively by broadcasters and by system vendors alike, in order to detect potential security vulnerabilities.


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